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Using IFTTT Do Note to Add Location to My Daily Log

Do Evernote icon

As I’ve posted before, I like using a Daily Log in Evernote to keep track of certain pieces of information for each day. One such piece of information is where I’ve been that day. In the past, I’ve used apps on my iPhone, including Placeme, and then Swarm, which is a spin-off from Foursquare.

While those apps certainly have their strengths and use cases, they also have weaknesses:

  • Placeme didn’t always get my location correct, and I had to remember to check and edit those each night before it would sync with Evernote.
  • Swarm doesn’t always have each location I want, especially if I’m visiting someone’s home, or a new business.
  • Finally, I don’t always want my location being shared with other people or even these apps I was using.

So I continued to search for other options. Then I found IFTTT’s new Do apps: Do Button, Do Camera, and Do Note. I have to be honest that at first, I didn’t really “get” them, but as I started looking into them and seeing some of the sample “recipes,” I started to see what was possible, especially for this specific scenario — recording my locations in Evernote.

Do Icons

At first I looked at the Do Button app, which seemed like the most logical choice to me. And it was certainly easy enough to find a recipe that would do what I wanted — append my location “check-in” to my Daily Log note in Evernote.

But the Do Button app still had a limitation — it wouldn’t let me actually comment when checking in, so my check-in just appeared as a map picture in Evernote (with a link to a Google map), but the map was zoomed in too close to be of any use. So then I checked out the Do Note app, and I was able to develop a recipe that does just what I want — it appends my check-in to my Daily Log in Evernote, recording whatever note I type, recording the date and time, and then providing a hyperlink to a Google Map (I chose not to include an image of the Google Map to reduce file storage space).

Here’s the basic process:

  1. Open the Do Note app on my iPhone
  2. Tap the “Add location to Daily Log in Evernote” button
  3. Do Button My Recipes

  4. Type a brief note about the location — for example, “Home for the night” — and tap the Evernote icon
  5. Do Button Check-In

  6. Do sends the information noted above and appends it to my Daily Log in Evernote. Here is how it looks in Evernote:
  7. Evernote Do Note Check-In

That’s it. Not a glamorous process nor a glamorous addition to my Daily Log, but it does exactly what I need it to do: provide my location with relevant information (name, date, time, and a link to a map) without sharing it to the rest of the world.

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