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Using Evernote for to-do lists

Evernote logoFor years, I’ve struggled with finding something — anything — that fits my work flow and provides me with a to-do list that I’ll actually use. I’ve tried numerous websites and apps on my iPhone, but nothing really seems to stick with me.

At the same time, I’ve been using Evernote for a couple of years, and I love using it! I take notes for all of my meetings, both business and personal, in Evernote. I scan important documents and photos and store them in Evernote. I jot down ideas in Evernote, I record good quotes in Evernote, and I even record funny moments in Evernote.

Then one recent morning, the idea hit me — why not use Evernote for your to-do lists? So I created a To-Do folder in Evernote, and then created three notes in that folder — Personal, Work, and Church. Now, when I think of something that I need to do later, I can open the appropriate note in Evernote and add the task to my list. Or — and this may be the part I love most — when I’m in a meeting, and an action item is assigned to me, because I’m already taking notes in Evernote, I can switch over to the appropriate note, record the action item, and jump back to my original note.

It’s easy to use bulleted or numbered lists, colors, font styles, etc., to organize, prioritize, and highlight important tasks. And I can check Evernote each morning and afternoon to see what tasks need to be taken care of, and when I’ve completed a task, I can go into Evernote and mark the task as completed.

I’ve been using this method for a couple of weeks, and it’s been working well for me. How are you using Evernote to help you?

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