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Using Evernote and Bitly to Organize My Plexus Life

As a relatively new Plexus ambassador, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the information that comes at you, as well as the information that you want to share with your customers and prospects. Thankfully, I have some great tools at my disposal to help me organize and share information. In this post, I’ll focus on my use of Evernote and Bitly.

Evernote logo

Evernote is a great tool for:

  1. Storing information
  2. Making the information available to yourself across many different devices:
  3. Sharing the information with other people

For my Plexus work, I have created a Plexus Notebook in Evernote, where I store all of my Plexus-related notes. Notebooks are a quick way to organize related information. You can even share entire folders with other people. For example, within my Personal Notebook, I have a subfolder for every person in my household. I share each of those subfolders with my wife, who is also an Evernote user, so we have access to the same information.

A screenshot of my current Evernote Notebook structure

Then I can create notes about the different products, pricing, testimonials, etc., complete with text formatting, images, attachments, and more.

As an example, I have created a note in Evernote to contain information about Plexus Slim. The note is formatted nicely, it includes a link to my specific website, it contains information on the Slim ingredients, and even an image of the Supplement Facts. Once I have my note ready, I can choose to Share it and create a public link that provides others with read-only access to the information I’ve provided.

A screenshot of my Plexus Slim Note

Unfortunately, the link that Evernote creates is long and difficult to share. That’s where Bitly comes in.


Bitly is a website that allows you to take a long hyperlink or URL and make it shorter and simpler for sharing with others. I’ve created an account on the Bitly website, which allows me to “customize” the shortened links, as well as monitor statistics on how many people are clicking the links I create.

Basically, I take the long link that Evernote created, copy it, and paste it into the field on the Bitly website. From there, I can customize the shortened link — I like to use my initials and then a reference to the Plexus information I’m sharing. This gives me a much shorter, simpler link to share with others, to make sure that it’s easy for them to access my information. My customer clicks the link, they see a read-only view of my note in Evernote, and Bitly records that my link was clicked — a win-win.

Now this is where I return to Evernote for one more step in the process.

Evernote logo

As I’ve created many notes in Evernote, and then many shortened links with Bitly, I need a way to keep track of all of that information. In my Plexus Notebook in Evernote, I’ve created another note, called “My Plexus Links.” Here, I keep a link to my own Plexus ambassador website, as well as a list of all of my shared Plexus notes, and the shortened links for each of them.

A screenshot of My Plexus Links

Now, wherever I am and whatever device I have with me — my laptop, my iPhone or iPad, or even another computer with Internet access — I can log in to Evernote to access my information and quickly share it with others.

What about you? Do you have any thoughts or tips on how you organize and share your Plexus information?

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