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Creating a “Medical Card” in Evernote

My wife and I routinely find ourselves in doctor’s offices, and inevitably, they ask us for the same information, which we always struggled to remember. Then I had an epiphany: since I use Evernote so extensively, why not create a “medical card” for each member of the family in Evernote? So here is what I did…

I created a note in Evernote called My Medical Card. (I know — catchy, right?) and then I added the following information…

Using IFTTT Do Note to Add Location to My Daily Log

Do Evernote icon

As I’ve posted before, I like using a Daily Log in Evernote to keep track of certain pieces of information for each day. One such piece of information is where I’ve been that day. In the past, I’ve used apps on my iPhone, including Placeme, and then Swarm, which is a spin-off from Foursquare.

While those apps certainly have their strengths and use cases, they also have weaknesses:

My Daily Log in Evernote

Evernote logo

I love using Evernote. I use it to take notes, to keep information archived, and just generally to bring structure to my life. And I owe so much to other people — especially Jamie Todd Rubin — for opening my mind to the possibility of what Evernote can do. I love the way he has things automated, and while I’ve used or adapted several of his ideas, I had been looking for a central way to keep track of activities throughout each day. I like being able to go back to a specific day and seeing a summary of what I did for that day.