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South of Normal

South of NormalI just finished a book by Norm Schriever, South of Normal: My year in paradise. I saw the book recommended somewhere, by someone, and I wish I could remember where and by whom, because I would go back and thank them. It’s a very entertaining book to read, with some good thoughts and insights from Norm.

The book is about Norm’s decision to make some changes in his late 30s in preparation for his 40th birthday. He wants to write a book and get into the best shape of his life, and to do this, he moves to Tamarindo, Costa Rica for a year. During that year, he writes what would become Pushups in the Prayer Room: Reflections from a Year Backpacking Around the World.

This second book, South of Normal, is about that year-long experience, the friends he already had when he went to Costa Rica, and the many new friends that he made along the way.

I won’t say much more about it here — I’ll just encourage you to get a copy and read it. I’ve already loaned my copy to my wife for her to read.

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