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Shaving with Harry’s

When I come across something that I think provides good value, I like to share it with my friends. With that in mind, I introduce you to Harry’s.


I was first introduced to Harry’s by a friend, and was reluctant to try Harry’s products, as I considered myself to be a satisfied customer of Dollar Shave Club. Then I saw that Harry’s offered The Truman set, which includes the handle, 3 blades, and a tube of shave cream, all for $15. For that price, I figured I would give it a try and see if there was a noticeable difference.


From personal experience, there is definitely a noticeable difference. Everything from Harry’s just feels like it’s higher quality, and when I shaved with it, it felt remarkably different — and better — than my shaving experience with products from Dollar Shave Club. I’ve shaved now for two weeks with the products from Harry’s, and I’ve officially made the change from Dollar Shave Club to Harry’s. They even offer auto-refills.

Give it a try. I think you might agree with me that it’s worth the change.

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