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Little Princes

Little Princes
Little Princes

I just finished reading the book, Little Princes: One Man’s Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal, by Conor Grennan. I picked up a copy of the book based on the recommendation of Claire Diaz-Ortiz in her 2012 reading list. The book didn’t disappoint.

Conor was a young man who had worked for non-profit organizations in Europe after graduating from college. After several years of working, Conor wanted to take time off and travel the world, but to keep the trip from sounding too privileged, he volunteered to spend three months at an orphanage in Nepal. Little did he know how that time as a volunteer would change his life.

The book is based on Conor’s journal entries from those years, and he’s a very engaging writer. Once I picked up the book to read it, I had difficulty setting it down. I not only got to know Conor, but also his co-workers, and most importantly, the children. I got a glimpse into their daily lives and challenges, and it broke my heart. It was especially moving to learn that very few of these children were actual orphans; instead, their parents had sent them away to escape the damages of the Nepalese civil war between the monarchy and the communists. And this became Conor’s challenge — to find these children’s parents and see if he could reunite them, or at least reopen the channels of communication.

I won’t say much more here, but it’s been one of my favorite books so far. If you enjoy reading, I highly recommend that you get a copy.

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