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Creating a “Medical Card” in Evernote

My wife and I routinely find ourselves in doctor’s offices, and inevitably, they ask us for the same information, which we always struggled to remember. Then I had an epiphany: since I use Evernote so extensively, why not create a “medical card” for each member of the family in Evernote? So here is what I did…

I created a note in Evernote called My Medical Card. (I know — catchy, right?) and then I added the following information…

My Medical Card

My Medical Card screenshot

My Name
My Date of Birth

My Address
My Cell Phone Number
My Email Address

Emergency Contact(s)
The contact’s name, their relationship to me, and their cell phone number

Family Doctor
My doctor’s name
His address
His phone number
His fax number

Preferred Pharmacy
The pharmacy name
The address
The phone number
The fax number

I list any current prescriptions I take, the dosage, how often I take them, and the prescribing physician.

OTC Drugs
I list any over-the-counter (OTC) drugs that I may take on a regular basis.

I list anything that I’m allergic to

Medical Conditions
I list any medical conditions that I have, and the date that they started or were diagnosed

Other Current Doctors
I list here the information for any other doctors I may be currently seeing, so that care can be coordinated

I list any surgeries that I’ve had, the date they were performed, and which doctor(s) performed the procedures.

Religious Affiliation
I list my religious denomination, my pastor’s name, my church’s name, and my pastor’s cell phone number.

Previous Doctors
I list any doctors I have seen previously, whether it was my childhood pediatrician, or a doctor who performed a surgery, etc.

I’ve created one of these Medical Card records for myself, and then a separate one for my wife, with her information.

Then I mark each note as a Favorite in Evernote so that they are easily accessible in my list of Shortcuts. Or, of course, I can always use the powerful search feature within Evernote.

What are the benefits of doing this?

  • The information is always available to me. Unlike before, when we had to try to remember all of this information, and names, and dates, now I have the information written out for me, and it’s always available because I always have my iPhone or iPad with me, especially when going to a medical appointment. If for some reason I didn’t have the information with me on a mobile device, I could always ask to log in to the Evernote website on a computer at the doctor’s office, and have the information available to me that way.
  • The information is easy to share.
    • I can print off a copy of the Medical Card using my home printer.
    • I can copy the information from Evernote on my iPhone or iPad, paste it into an email, and email it to the proper recipient.
    • If all else fails, I can hand my iPad to the doctor or office staff for their reference.
    • Because the Medical Card notes are in a folder that is shared with my wife, she can access the notes from her Evernote account.
  • The information is easy to update. If we add a new prescription, or stop taking one, or whatever information changes, it’s simple to update the information in Evernote and know that it’s always up-to-date on every device.

This method has saved us a lot of time, hassle, and missed information due to faulty memory, because now we always have the correct information available to us.

What do you think? Did I miss anything? Do you have suggestions for improvement?

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